Global Asylum Heavy Metal Song
Battle of Gods DBZ 16-bit cover Video Game Loop
Ryona Video Game Song
Final March Video Game Loop
Water Stage Video Game Song
The Chip That Broke The Moon Video Game Song
.New Season. Dance Song
Corego Video Game Loop
Minuter Heavy Metal Song
Space Cadet 3D pinball Video Game Loop
MCT House Song
Optic Sun Dance Song
(1) BCT vs (8) MC BoB Hip Hop - Olskool Song

2012 Submissions

Progeenic Breed 2.0 Drum N Bass Song
Contra level 1 Theme (c) Video Game Song
Sonic 2 Ending Video Game Song
DBZ Kai (Intro) - Cover Video Game Song
Vernachl Heavy Metal Song
K-ll7 Dance Song
Giyameida Video Game Song
Krutikogic Techno Song
Bikiraquex Dance Song
Urban Times Hip Hop - Olskool Song
CLAB - Senator vs Gasmasq Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Juk Bok L Hip Hop - Modern Song
Silver Surfer (NES) Cover Video Game Song
Space invaded Video Game Loop
Jaxorkyz Trance Song
Flatulent Swamps (Cover) Video Game Loop
GuerrillR [8-bit] Video Game Song
Z Chroniclez (WIP) Video Game Song
Sargent General Octopus Video Game Song
Salad is good with Yogurt Heavy Metal Song
The Raging Bonerz Heavy Metal Song
Fadin... Heavy Metal Song
Chuggin Riff Sample Heavy Metal Song
Dirty Tunez Dance Loop
Dragon Ball Z (C-L-H-C-L) Video Game Song
Ball'N Hip Hop - Modern Song
Uncut Sports show theme Hip Hop - Modern Song
Midnight Fortress Video Game Song
Mushroom Land Video Game Song
Happy Turtle Video Game Song
Clab - Maverick Vs Pigpen Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Windows Pinball (8-bit) Video Game Song
Ge0metr0 (16-bit) Video Game Song
Nyn3 Trance Song
SWAG CITY Hip Hop - Modern Song
8bit - Fortress of Doom Video Game Loop
Eight-bit Video Game Song
n1ly Hip Hop - Modern Song
c3nyLe< Hip Hop - Modern Song
-Virus- Dance Song
SonicTunez - Robo tribute Video Game Song
Xalencia Dance Song
Controlled Chaos Dance Song
Rayman Menu (Cover) Video Game Song
Breath of Fire (cover) Video Game Song
Kyrotika Video Game Loop
DT - The Moon [Frost Version] Video Game Song
Street Fighter (4) Sakura (c) Video Game Song
S3 Special Stage [Speed 1] Video Game Song
Rock'n'Roller Video Game Loop
<Superstructure> Video Game Loop
Sting 8-bit Video Game Song
Invader Zim Remix Hip Hop - Modern Song
The Strength to move on 8bit Video Game Loop
Motherboard Overload Video Game Song
Sajikol el de Vintague Video Game Song
Matriggulate Video Game Loop
Four Dead Gansters Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Unfr34kuent H0kus P0kus Video Game Song
Robotronica Video Game Song
Disco Brawl [8-bit] Video Game Song
Stories of the west [8-bit] Video Game Song
Forever lost in the fog (8bit) Video Game Song
Chased by 5 million Mudkips Video Game Loop
The side of an Elephant Trance Song
WOW13 Trance Song
Buzz LightYear Remix Hip Hop - Modern Song
Swag like a Martian Hip Hop - Modern Song
Down to the wire (bitmania) Video Game Song
Swagamillion Hip Hop - Modern Song
Oldsmodile Beat Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Justice League (Frost Version) Video Game Song
Bitch! Shut Up! Hip Hop - Modern Song
Xxk-K1NGZ-kxX Hip Hop - Modern Song
Hallway Krump'n Hip Hop - Modern Song
Cuz They Love Me Hip Hop - Modern Song
Cresto el Modesco Heavy Metal Song
Years of Tranquility Heavy Metal Song
,km, R&B Song
Noissucrep Hip Hop - Modern Song
Too Much Sugar! Hip Hop - Modern Song
Unconscious. Heavy Metal Song
North Coast Hip Hop Hip Hop - Modern Song
Zero Brightness Heavy Metal Song
Knuckle Headz R&B R&B Song
Journey through the storm Heavy Metal Song
J.A.P. Heavy Metal Song
World Set Ablaze Heavy Metal Song
Random Heavy Riff Heavy Metal Loop
Birds Eye Heavy Metal Song
+ Top Flight - Hip Hop - Modern Song
All Out - DLX Hip Hop - Modern Song
I was born an animal Heavy Metal Song
Average Day on the horizon Heavy Metal Song
.Turd Heavy Metal Loop
J-Fresh Hip Hop - Modern Song
Tera's secret Ambient Song
B.RnO RnB remix R&B Song
Return Of Pacman Video Game Song
Lay "Z" Hip Hop - Olskool Song
DLX - G.A.N (Legendary Remix) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Redo... Hip Hop - Modern Song
Be this way? Hip Hop - Modern Song
Doin it R&B Song
Tru Gangsta Beetz - DLX Hip Hop - Modern Song
Burst Limit Dance Loop
foot steps Video Game Song
Biiig SEXY R&B Song
Business is Business Hip Hop - Modern Song
Ireodas Ambient Loop
Going to the Prom Video Game Song
A dead Memory Hip Hop - Modern Song
Battle of Misheala (Cover) Video Game Loop
a lil some'm Hip Hop - Modern Song
9 - bit Video Game Song
Conjuction Miscellaneous Song
Truth hurts R&B Song
Geno's Maze (Frost Version) Video Game Song
F.I.R.E.D. Video Game Loop
Short Bus Video Game Loop
Orrum Heavy Metal Song
Not any easier Miscellaneous Song
3l3m3nt5 Video Game Loop
You'll never know Miscellaneous Song
Kayjack Video Game Song
Molby Heavy Metal Song
Cleer Video Game Song
,Mk, R&B Song
Professor Z Miscellaneous Loop
Good at nothing Hip Hop - Modern Song
Ownage O's Video Game Song
Opt Out Heavy Metal Song
Wrong Articulation Heavy Metal Song
Torque Miscellaneous Loop
Test Beatz Miscellaneous Loop
Coaxeal Ambient Loop
Forever Lost in the fog Heavy Metal Loop
Ra Ra Kahn Video Game Loop
Mollers Railway Video Game Loop
El Taurado Heavy Metal Loop
Lebon Miscellaneous Loop
/\/uMb3rz Heavy Metal Loop
Angry Turtle Video Game Loop
Deradiance Heavy Metal Loop
El Dro Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Mag1c Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Elder (8 - bit) Video Game Loop
Girlfriends Father Heavy Metal Loop
8 - bit mastery Video Game Loop
Iron clad Heavy Metal Loop
Night time Fazz. Video Game Loop
Expyrimental Miscellaneous Loop
Tailgater Dubstep Loop
><UN>< Ambient Loop
Wrinkle in the floor Miscellaneous Loop
Crusty Hip Hop - Modern Loop
X*Xx Bonus round xX*X Video Game Loop
Ice Cream Truck Apar Hip Hop - Modern Song
The Mohawk song Heavy Metal Loop
Ol' Spokane Spokane Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Ground 0 Miscellaneous Loop
7 years later Heavy Metal Loop
Intol Heavy Metal Loop
The Dew Rag Song Video Game Loop
XxX-Taranchula-XxX Miscellaneous Loop
Summit of Inertia Miscellaneous Loop
Kupanda na kusimama Miscellaneous Loop
Diamond Island Video Game Loop
The Heavyweight Song Heavy Metal Loop
Lion of Hearts Heavy Metal Loop
Collopso (NM) Miscellaneous Loop
Good ol days Bluegrass Loop
Story Of A Cockroach Drum N Bass Loop
The strength to move on Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Straight up ghetto Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Never Forget M1 Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Jin Miscellaneous Loop
Hip Hop 101 Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Latin Sensation Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Odo Heavy Metal Loop
Venomous Heavy Metal Loop
Revenge of the Dragon Heavy Metal Loop
Goats Heavy Metal Loop
collopso Miscellaneous Loop
Battery Metal Heavy Metal Loop
Militant (Long Version) Heavy Metal Loop
Militant Heavy Metal Loop
Represent the fallen Heavy Metal Loop
Down to the wire Heavy Metal Loop
Frontway Grunge Loop
Acceptance of the Truth Heavy Metal Loop
Wreck Heavy Metal Loop
Leaving Today Techno Loop
Tropic Nights Heavy Metal Song