Entry #27

Oni Yo Can Scare Them! (Ludum Dare 33)

2015-08-25 06:46:39 by DiroNomer

Yes it is true, I've been brought back from the dead to help out in the making of a new game >:D


But in all seriousness, this game is REALLY fun, and you guys should absolutely play it. 

The game coding was done by squidly

The sprites/cutscenes and music Troisnyx

And the sound effects were done by yours truly. Check it out!




It was truly a great experiance, and a lot of work was put into doing this in these 3 short days. This is my first time ever being involved in making a game, and I look forward to future projects.


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2015-08-25 06:53:32

Not only did you put it here, but I also saw it in your Games submissions.... this is the first! :D How's the first time making a game feel?

DiroNomer responds:

Feel accomplished tbh. Now I have all 4 submissions on NG. I feel like I have a heavy list, even though I only got one flash submission and one game lol.


2015-08-25 06:57:24

I'm yet to reach that milestone myself... The only thing missing from my submissions is the Movies section. ^_-

DiroNomer responds:

You could always come up with some MS Paint sprite. It has potential ;)


2015-08-25 07:56:26

Sweet game, though the Press Any Key thing is a bit of a lie... only the arrow and action keys seem to get the ball rolling. Otherwise, it's a unique game, good music, congrats!

DiroNomer responds:

Thanks bro, I really appreciate you playing!