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Oni Yo Can Scare Them! (Ludum Dare 33)

2015-08-25 06:46:39 by DiroNomer

Yes it is true, I've been brought back from the dead to help out in the making of a new game >:D


But in all seriousness, this game is REALLY fun, and you guys should absolutely play it. 

The game coding was done by squidly

The sprites/cutscenes and music Troisnyx

And the sound effects were done by yours truly. Check it out!




It was truly a great experiance, and a lot of work was put into doing this in these 3 short days. This is my first time ever being involved in making a game, and I look forward to future projects.

Back in Action (...Hopefully)

2014-01-06 15:10:13 by DiroNomer

I just got a new computer not too long ago, so I'll be on Newgrounds more often than I have been in the past year. However, I won't be nearly as active as I used to be because I've been busy with work/school and shitting.

I just want to thank everybody for wishing me luck and showing support while I've been inactive from Newgrounds. I really appreciate it. I didn't think anyone would care, I just posted updates so people wouldn't think I'm dead.

I'll be uploading music again, of coarse. But being that I'm busy with shit (as stated earlier), plus I'm trying to put more time into each song, I won't be uploading 50 tracks a day anymore like the good'ol days.

What else... Uhhhmmmmm....

I also plan on getting a name change, because I think dlxrevolution is lame tbh. No idea what I'm going to change it to though. I had a bunch of ideas but they were either taken, or I just decided they suck. I want to use something 1oo% original. If anyone has any ideas for a new NG Alias, post some down in the comments.

That is all...

Here's another baby (3 post streak WOOT!)


Not back in action

2013-04-07 19:06:53 by DiroNomer

So ironically, a month in a half after I made my back in action newspost, I have gone virtually completely out of action having submitted no music since September, sparsingly commenting on audio tracks, and even abandoning the BBS. My explaination for this occurance stems from a computer trouble I had in the midst of helping a long time friend with his homework. I was playing miniclip pool and my computer had froze. So what usually worked was when I banged the dashboard of my laptop, it would jumpstart the harddrive while unfreezing the computer. How ever this time, out of sheer anger, I banged the dashboard so hard that it basically damaged the harddrive so much that my computer wasn't able to start up. How or if I will be able to recover all the files I do not know. But what I do know is that this has been the problem that I have been dealing with for nearly 7 months now, and because I havent been able to make music, I have virtually abandoned this site for the time being.

However, I recently have gottan a real job (Not that Vector horseshit), and will more than likely be using some of the money I earn to restore my old computer (which has a much less complicated problem), in which I will load fl, start making/sublitting music, and ultimately make my much anticipated return to Negrounds.

So for the 8 people that have read this whole thing, and the 2 people that actually care, that is where I have been.

Now excuse me while I continue my 2 post long tradition of posting babies faces...

Tl;dr version - me got mad. Broked compz. No produce, no NG. Got new job. Gon make moneyz, fix old comp, and might be back soon herpity derp. Heres a baby

Tl;dr tl;dr version - mad. Brok comp. No $. Got $. Bak latr. Baby.

Tl;dr tl;dr tl;dr version - m. Brokc. 0$. $. B. Inf


Not back in action

Back in action.

2012-08-25 10:46:37 by DiroNomer

Yes. Yes yes I am. Back.

The other newspost about me going away has been up for a while, especially after I came back, so now I got this one.

So like...I don't know what this is going to be about to I guess I'm just going to suggest that you ask me some questions, and I will answer as honestly as possible.

Back in action.

Been away for a while

2012-08-03 15:43:18 by DiroNomer

I'll be back in a few days, in the meanwhile, enjoy this picture of Batman.

Been away for a while

My Birthday

2012-07-17 22:25:40 by DiroNomer

Thanks everyone for wishing me happy birthday in my birthday thread, and thanks to BR for making the thread.

Hugs and kisses to YOU ALL!!!



My Birthday

New Profile pic...

2012-04-14 14:55:20 by DiroNomer

I haven't changed my profile picture since sign up, and thinking about making this my new one. What do you guys think?

New Profile pic...

I made Tom Fulp Black

2012-04-12 14:16:08 by DiroNomer

Check out mah mad PS skillz...

I made Tom Fulp Black

Photoshopped project

2012-03-27 23:23:11 by DiroNomer

So I'm taking a Photoshop class in college, and this is my first time getting to learn to use PS. For our project, We had to make a company logo. So I chose mine to be Ruggby Toys, which is a company designed to make toys for kids around the ages 6 - 12. Keep in mind, these toys are supposed to be extremely tough and very hard to break. So here's my logo I designed. What do you guys think?

Photoshopped project

Time to Submit some art :3

2012-03-04 14:23:47 by DiroNomer

These will be my first art submissions, and I want to start off with portraits. So here's what will go down: The first three people to PM me pictures of themselves, I will draw you and submit it to the Art Portal. Then, I will PM you when I have submitted the pictures, and I want you to let me know what you think.

Here are the conditions:

- No Nudes!!!
- No Genitals!!!
- They must have decent resolution!!! (At least 600x600)
- No fucking hooligans from Google!!! It has to be YOU!!!

That is all.

- Fair warning, This newspost will close once I get three pictures, SO HURRY UP! -

If you have any questions, comments are open.

Hope I get some pictures :D

Time to Submit some art :3